With 43% of the vote, Lock Horns are through to the Semi-Finals 2019. Great write up from Rock ‘N’ Load below:

“Shit’s about to get real as Lock Horns take the stage at 8:45, last years finalists,this quartet are a serious outfit with banging tunes and the intensity and purpose to take this one all the way in 2019. Vocalist Alex Da Costa looks like a caged animal as he grips the mic stand. These guys deliver really purposeful riffs that are beautifully balanced and immediately set the bar high which announces a new standard in heat two. A seriously tight band they start and stop on a dime, hefty thunderous riffage infused with guttural vocals and a catchy melodic backbone make Lock Horns a polished act. A savage sound and all round brutal performance keeps the audience more than engaged, as Alex Da Costa screams out into the crowd without the mic and can still be heard, you know these guys want it. As the breakdown on the last song of the night you can see Lock horns have made an impression on the Belfast crowd and that there are more than a few fans in the room.” – rocknloadmag.com


📷 – Mark McGrogan
Full Review Below: