Playing to a packed out tent on the Saturday of Bloodstock Festival 2019! Hordes of people squeezed in to see what the New Blood Stage had to offer. Lock Horns have successfully played one of the best shows of their career. With reviews giving high praise, this is the beginning of many things to come for Lock Horns having now released their debut album and working on the sequel, this band have the potential to take it to the next level. ROLL ON 2020!

“Lock Horns provide the perfect shelter to anyone craving a little chaos. These groove Metal maestros are heavy on the riffs via Junior and with savage vocal delivery from Alex Da Costa it’s a powerful proposition here at New Blood. The tent is now packed and LH have the crowd they were hoping for. Their strong song writing and passionate performances always turn heads, mesh that with a technical ability from bass player and drummer and you have the finished article. Gauging by the response in the tent LH won over an army of abs and were one of the few bands to have a crowd moshing to their beat.” – Rock N Load Mag