Lock Horns, formed late 2015 are a four piece progressive metal band from Belfast.

August 2016 was the official launch of Lock Horns Facebook/social media. The music video for ‘Wendigo’ was debuted a week later shot by director Jim Crone. Following the response of Wendigo and countless requests to the perform live, Lock Horns decided to put the writing process somewhat on the back burner and focused on making a mark on the local metal scene by “road testing” their current material with performances at Siege of Limerick, Templemore Metal Fest and Sunflower Festival.

After a long stint of gigging, building chemistry and growing the Lock Horns brand locally, it was time to make the writing process the priority again. They began work on ‘Molon Labe’ with translates from Greek to ‘Come and take them’. This album was the product of 2 years hard work and has been critically acclaimed locally. The album targets many genres and the lyrical content takes on subjects such as technology, politics and creation.

With their ever growing confidence and “fuck you” attitude, which they deliver at every live show, they are a band not to be missed. Lock Horns always manage to turn an unsure audience onto them and fully immerse themselves within the movement.  It’s now time for Lock Horns to take their music to bigger places.

Lock Horns are now part of the Enso Music Management Team.